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The 20th Anniversary of La Via Campesina


La Via Campesina, an international peasants organization promoting small-scale sustainable agriculture and peasants’ rights celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since its foundation, it has grown to represent 200 million farmers all around the world in 150 member organizations from 70 countries. The central themes of La Via Campesina are sustainability, food sovereignty and human rights. The organization emphasizes the role of women and youth in agriculture and opposes neo-liberal agricultural policies. In celebration of the anniversary, the organization has published a book of reflections from various members of the organization.

10 June, 2013 | La Via Campesina

La Via Campesina Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in Jakarta - An Open Book Published

La Via Campesina, a global peasants movement, celabrates its 20 years of work for the rights of small- and medium-scale farmers around the world. The celebrations in Jakarta are combined with the organizations' sixth global conference. The conference is the platform which once in four years summons together all member organizations of La Via Campesina for mutual decisionmaking. See the press release on the occasion here.

La Via Campesina has also published an open book reflecting on the journey of the organization. The authors of the book represent a wide range of people that have participated in the organization, from farmers to academicians. Download the reflections here.

La Via Campesina's Open Book: Celebrating 20 Years of Struggle and Hope

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