Statement on the UN Financial Crisis


World Congress of the World Federation of Methodist
and Uniting Church Women

Rio de Janeiro
2 August 1996

We, members of the World Federation of Methodist Women and citizens from around the globe, call for urgent action to solve the deepening financial crisis of our United Nations,

Because many member states have not paid their full dues assessments owed as a treaty obligation, the UN faces imminent financial collapse,

Because the financial crisis cripples the UN from carrying out essential tasks, including implementation of agreements taken on human rights, refugee movements, commitments to women and children and many others, much humanitarian work has been brought to a standstill,

Because the largest debtor, the USA, with a treaty obligation to contribute 25% of the budget, has failed to keep timely payments and is currently $1.576 billion in arrears,

Because the cost of the UN is surprisingly modest ($10 billion per year) in contrast to the $36 billion that countries spend each year on the global arms trade and the $850 billion yearly spent on military forces,

We therefore call on:

  • All delinquent countries to meet immediately all their legally covenanted commitments.

  • Our Methodist Churches and the World Council of Churches to persevere in support of the UN and make known its perilous condition.

  • This organization to send resolutions of support for the UN to our Governments and to the Secretary General.

  • Ourselves to take all actions necessary, including prayer, study, and engagement to assure the continuation of the United Nations and with its full social and economic programmes.

  • Member States to adopt effective long-term financing of the UN, including environmental-protecting fees or other global financial levies.

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