The Power of the Veto


Picture Credit: United Nations
A lively debate is held around the ambivialent relation between the Security Council permanent members and the International Criminal Court (ICC). Especially the US opposition to the court is very visible in the Security Council as the US threatens to veto all peacekeeping resolution to impose its opposition to the International Criminal Court (June 2002 and following). Sections on the veto and the ICC in the Security Council, general analysis as well as a set of interesting tables and charts on the veto, including a listing of the subjects vetoed by the Security Council with texts of the draft resolutions can be found on our site.The five permanent members of the Security Council (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States) enjoy the privilege of veto power.This power has been intensely controversial since the drafting of the UN Charter in 1945. The United States and Russia would probably not have accepted the creation of the United Nations without the veto privilege. Fifty years later, the debate on the existence and use of the veto continues, reinvigorated by many cases of veto-threat as well as actual veto use. This page follows the issue, and provides data and a comprehensive list of all the vetoes cast and the subjects vetoed in the Security Council since 1945. GPF has gathered a substancial collection of posts, opinions and analysis pieces as well as news articles dealing with the debate surrounding the veto.