US, UN and International Law


International Criminal Court in the Hague
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The Bush administration has embarked on a strategy of hard line unilateralism, disregarding the UN and international law. The Bush doctrine of preemption defies the UN Charter by allowing the US to use illegal force against other states. Furthermore, Washington ignores, blocks, violates or even unsigns international treaties. The administration rejected the Kyoto protocol and the comprehensive test ban treaty on nuclear disarmament. It repealed the Anti Ballistic Missile treaty and blocked efforts to strengthen the biological weapons convention.

The government continues to violate the Geneva Conventions by refusing the rights of the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. In May 2002, the White House announced that it would unsign the Rome treaty establishing the International Criminal Court, stating that the Court would subject US nationals to a politically motivated international justice.

General Analysis on US, UN and International Law

This section posts articles analyzing the trend of US unilateralism and its relation with the UN and international law.

UN Involvement Against Terrorism

This section provides information on the United Nations involvement in countering terrorism.

Torture and Prison Abuse

The US government has used the "war on terrorism" as justification for torture, prison abuse, rendition and indefinite detentions at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and other US-run prisons around the world. This section contains articles on these violations of international law.

US Opposition to the International Criminal Court

This section posts information on how the United States government opposes an international court that could hold US military and political leaders to a uniform global standard of justice.

US Policy on UN Peacekeeping

This section critically analyzes the US policy on UN peacekeeping.

UN Finance

The UN faces a continuous financial crisis because some member states do not pay their full dues. The US, the largest contributor to the UN budget, has many times withheld dues or demanded certain changes to the UN budget in exchange for payment of its assessed contributions.