War and Occupation in Iraq


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Acknowledgments [pdf version]

Executive Summary [pdf version ] [Arabic version (pdf )]   [Chinese version (pdf )]   [French version (pdf) ]   [German version (pdf) ]   [Russian version (pdf) ]   [Spanish version (pdf) ]

Map of Major Coalition Attacks, Bases and Prisons

Political Map of Iraq

1. Introduction [pdf version ]

2. Destruction of Cultural Heritage [pdf version ]

3. Indiscriminate and Especially Injurious Weapons [pdf version ]

4. Unlawful Detention [pdf version ]

5. Abuse and Torture of Prisoners [pdf version]

6. Attacks on Cities [pdf version ]

7. Killing Civilians, Murder and Atrocities [pdf version ]

8. Displacement and Mortality [pdf version]

9. Corruption, Fraud and Gross Malfeasance [pdf version]

10. Long-Term Bases and the New Embassy Compound [pdf version ]

11. Other Issues - Iraqi Public Opinion and the Occupation, Cost of the War and Occupation [pdf version ]

12. Conclusion and Recommendations [pdf version]