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War and Occupation in Iraq - Acknowledgements




Report prepared by Global Policy Forum

Principal Authors: James Paul and Céline Nahory
Senior Researchers: Rachel Laurence and Mike Lewis
Research Associates: Philippa Curran, Anna Dupont, Peter Jenkins, Alice Skipper.

Production: Katarina Wahlberg

We gratefully acknowledge helpful comments and input from: Tony Alessandrini, Phyllis Bennis , Medea Benjamin, John Burroughs, Rob Callard, Pratap Chatterjee, Steve Crawshaw, Peter Davies , Clarence Dias, Rachel DuBois Montgomery, Sean Garcia, Irene Gendzier, AK Gupta, Jessica Huber, Janis Karpinski, Joel Krieger, Jens Martens, Greg Muttit, Sayre Nyce, Chris Toensing, Cedric Turlan, Hans von Sponeck, Jeff Spurr, Elizabeth Stone, Peter Weiss, Kristele Younes.

Thanks to Akiko Harayama for creating the special map.

We thank Gordon Gray, Jr. for his very generous lead support of this project. We also thank the Arab Commission for Human Rights, Bernhill Fund, Code Pink, the General Board of Church and Society - United Methodist Church, the General Board of Global Ministries - United Methodist Church, Global Exchange, the Samuel Rubin Foundation, the World Council of Churches United Nations Liaison Office, as well as other partners and many generous individual donors, for their partnership and financial assistance.


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