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War and Occupation in Iraq / al-Harb wa al-Ihtilal fi al-Iraq




The Report has been translated in its entirety into Arabic and published in book form in Beirut by the Center for Arab Unity Studies (Markiz Darasat al-Wahda al-Arabiyya) and the Arab Commission for Human Rights (al-Lajna al-Arabiyya li-Huquq al-Insan). The same translation (but without footnotes) was published in late November and early December 2007 by the London-based newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi. Each chapter was published on a single page and the chapters were run sequentially. The links below provide the Arabic texts in the newspaper format.

Chapter 1 Introduction / Al-Muqadama

Chapter 2 Destruction of Cultural Heritage / Tadmir al-turath al-thaqafy

Chapter 3 Indiscriminate and Especially Injurious Weapons / Al-Islaha al-'ashwa'ia wa al-shadida al-idha'

Chapter 4 Unlawful Detention / Al-I'tiqal gair al-musru'

Chapter 5 Abuse and Torture of Prisoner / Su' mu'amala al-sijana' wa t'dhibhum

Chapter 6 Attacks on Cities / Al-hajum 'ala al-mudun

Chapter 7 Killing Civilians, Murder and Atrocities / Qatal al-mudaniyin wa al-jura'im wa al-i'mal al-washia

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


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