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Changing Patterns in the Use of the Veto in the Security Council


Table shows number of times veto was cast, by country1







Data compiled by Global Policy Forum with Information from the United Nations

*Between 1946 and 1971, the Chinese seat on the Security Council was occupied by the Republic of China (Taiwan), which used the veto only once (to block Mongolia's application for membership in 1955). The first veto exercised by the present occupant, the People's Republic of China, was therefore not until 25 August 1972.

1) Only a minority of vetoes have been cast in cases where vital international security issues were at stake. 59 vetoes have been cast to block admission of member states. Additionally, 43 vetoes have been used to block nominees for Secretary General, although these vetoes were cast during closed sessions of the Council and are not included in the table above. Limitation of veto use to Chapter VII (threats to international peace and security), as many members propose, would be a long step towards total veto abolition.





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