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August 16, 2000

Members of the Security Council today welcomed the formation of the new Somali parliament and strongly urged all Somali political forces to support the ongoing peace process.

In a statement to the press following closed-door consultations, the Council President, Ambassador Agam Hasmy of Malaysia, reminded the warlords and faction leaders that "obstructing and undermining the efforts to achieve an overall settlement in Somalia would not be acceptable," and urged them to support the National Assembly. He said that Council members welcomed the decision to reserve seats in that body for women representatives in recognition of their constructive role in nation-building.

Council members called upon the international community to provide support to Somalia's national reconciliation process, and to assist the country's people in their national reconstruction and development, the President said.

On relief efforts, members of the Council urged all parties to live up to their obligations to ensure the safety and security of all humanitarian personnel operating in Somalia. Reaffirming that preservation of the territorial integrity of the country was "the precondition for overall normalization in Somalia," Council members voiced support for efforts of regional organizations towards that end. They also urged all States to observe the arms embargo against Somalia, which the Council imposed in 1992.

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