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Socioecological Transformations

JEP28-3 We would like to direct your attention to a special issue  of the "Journal of Development Studies" on socio-ecological transformation with contributions from Birgit Daiber (Belgium/Italy), Maristella Svampa (Argentina), Oscar Vega (Bolivia), Alex Demirovic (Germany), Edgardo Lander (Venezuela) and Ulrich Brand (Germany):

Due to the multiple crisis of finance and the economy, of climate change and resource depletion, of gender relations, societal integration and political representation, in recent years the term ‘transformation' has become more and more prominent. It has the potential to become a new oxymoron – like ‘sustainable development' and currently ‘green economy' – that opens up an interesting epistemic terrain which might lead to the formulation of diverge political strategies. However, the concept remains blurred. Many contributions refer to the term because it is in fashion but it might become increasingly unclear if there is a certain ‘core of meaning'. However, such a core meaning is not ‘just there' but needs to be worked out.

The contributions to this special issue of JEP, that has just recently come out in English, attempt to explore some crucial aspects of this debate by referring to theoretical debates and recent experiences in Latin America, Europe and at the international level.

May 21, 2013

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation: Socioecological Transformations - JEP Journal für Entwicklungspolitik 28(3), Ed. Ulrich Brand, Birgit Daiber, 2012 (English).

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  • Ulrich Brand, Birgit Daiber
    The Next Oxymoron? Debates about Strategies Towards Transformation
  • Birgit Daiber
    Contradictory Transitional Experiences of Progressive Governments in Latin America: The Context of this Special Issue
  • Alex Demirovic
    Reform, Revolution, Transformation
  • Maristella Svampa
    Resource Extractivism and Alternatives: Latin American Perspectives on Development
  • Edgardo Lander
    The State in the Current Processes of Change in Latin America: Complementary and Conflicting Transformation Projects in Heterogeneous Societies
  • Oscar Vega Camacho
    Paths for Good Living: The Bolivian Constitutional Process
  • Ulrich Brand
    Green Economy and Green Capitalism: Some Theoretical Considerations

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