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Samantha Brennan on Microinequalities

Throughout the West, formal obstacles to discrimination against women were largely abolished decades ago. Gender inequality became a topic to be discussed in and for other regions of the world, in “underdeveloped” countries in which legal discrimination against women and other minorities is still in place. However, the end of legal inequality does not directly translate into actual equality in terms of socio-economic well being and access to opportunities. Inequality continues to be a fact of life for women throughout their economic, social and political lives – also in the West. In this Public Ethics Radio Interview, Samantha Brennan elucidates how inequalities between women and men persist, and what can be done against this.   

By Samantha Brennan and Christian Barry

February 2, 2012

To see the full transcript of “Microinequalities Inflicted on Women”, please click here.


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