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Thanks to individuals like you, Global Policy Forum has for many years monitored policy making at the United Nations, promoted accountability of global decisions, educated and mobilized for global citizen participation, and advocated on vital issues of international peace and justice. You can help us continue this work by giving a donation today! Global Policy Forum is independent so we depend primarily on contributions from individual members.

At this point, you can support us by becoming a Supporting Member of GPF Europe.

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We are also always very grateful for one-off donations. You can transfer donations to our account in Germany:

GPF Europe
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GPF Europe is registered in Germany as a 'gemeinnütziger Verein', i.e., a not-for-profit charity. (Equivalent to being a registered charity in the UK). This means that donations and membership subscriptions are tax deductible.

Please download a supporting membership, print it out and send it by post or fax.

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If you are interested in supporting our work in the U.S. specifically, please contact us by writing an e-mail to gpf[ät]


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