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"A European Seat in the UN Security Council?" Conference in Brussels May 23-25, 2011

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On May 21-23, 2011, GPF and partners held a successful conference in Brussels to explore the possibility of a European seat in the UN Security Council.  GPF was joined in the conference by three co-sponsoring partners: the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation of Uppsala, the Development and Peace Foundation of Bonn, and the Istituto Affari Internazionali of Rome. 

It was decided to hold the conference in Brussels, seen as symbolic for the topic.  Brussels offered easy interaction with European institutions, experts, and especially the European parliament. 

In March 2011, GPF made preliminary arrangements for an event at the European Parliament on the third day of the conference, to be sponsored by the office of Ana Gomes, a member from  Portugal.  GPF proceeded in March and April to invite a large number of participants according to a rolling process of priorities, eventually assembling 42 confirmed participants and a strong program of speakers and moderators.  As the date approached, there was increasing interest in the conference and a number of diplomats and experts asked to be included, even after the list was closed.  In addition to the regular participants, GPF made arrangements for about 8 observers to be present.

As the conference approached, GPF prepared a web page with many key documents for participants.  IAI completed an excellent research paper on our topic and we circulated it to all.  GPF also prepared conference packets and background material available on the GPF website.

These pages on the conference contain the material related to the conference including the schedule and panels, list of participants, background material on the subject, and work produced by participants after the conference.

Background Material

This page provides the background material that was given to participants prior to the conference and is a general background on the subject.

Conference Program

This is the final conference program of panels and speakers who spoke at the conference.

List of Participants

Conference Photos

Work by Participants

This page contains papers writtent by participants after the conference.

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