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NGOs and the UN


In July 1996, ECOSOC reviewed and expanded its arrangements for consultation with NGOs and recommended that the General Assembly examine the question of the "participation of NGOs in all areas of work of the UN". Thereafter, member states began negotiations but these soon stalled. The Secretary General wrote two reports. And nothing substantial has happened. NGOs have made some important informal advances but they have also suffered disappointing setbacks. In this section, Global Policy Forum monitors the participation of NGOs at the UN. You will find information on the formal framework for NGOs at the UN as well as general analysis on NGOs and the UN. Also posted are documents on the relation of NGOs with main bodies of the UN such as the General Assembly and the Security Council, as well as the rest of the UN system.

GPF Perspective on NGOs at the UN

This section contains all GPF work on NGOs at the UN.

NGOs and UN Main Bodies

This section discusses NGO access and physical participation in major UN organs such as ECOSOC, the General Assembly and the Security Council. It also covers speeches by the Secretary General and reports on NGOs.

Relations between NGOs and the UN

This section analyzes the role, participation and contribution of NGOs in the UN system.

NGO Access at the UN

NGOs face a perpetual struggle for access to UN bodies and meetings. This page follows NGO access issues and also includes in depth coverage of access to the Official Document System.

Problematic NGOs at the UN

This section considers issues of accredited NGOs that challenge UN values and damage NGO reputation. It also considers problematic NGOs that seek accreditation or access to UN meetings and conferences.


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