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Rosa Luxemburg Foundation - American Empire

The website of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation maintains a section about the debate on the "American Empire," with a broad overview of other sources that publish on "Empire."

Top Secret America: A Washington Post Investigation

The Washington Post has posted a website devoted to exposing the expansive "top-secret world" created by the US government after 9/11.  After a two-year investigation, the paper found that the system has become so costly and expansive that no one knows just how big it is. (Washington Post)

Shah of Iran and Empress Farah

This gallery depicts pictures of the Shah of Iran and US Presidents from 1943 until 1977. It contains photos and speeches of the Shah with the US Presidents and their families in different occasions both in the US and in Iran. (Presidential Libraries Collection)

The Project on Defense Alternatives

The Project on Defense Alternatives (PDA) provides hundreds of links, documents and books on US defense strategy, military capabilities and the war on terrorism. PDA also provides resources on US history and territorial expansion, asking if the most powerful nation in the world is an empire.

Opportunism in the Face of Tragedy

Human Rights Watch maintains an up-to-date listing of states exercising repressive policy measures against certain less advantaged groups, such as political opponents, separatists, religious groups, refugees and asylum-seekers. Since the 9/11 attacks governments have employed and executed these measures in the name of the "war on terrorism." Naming groups seen as a threat – political, economic or other – as being "terrorist" is perceived by states as an effective method of avoiding criticism from human rights organizations.

Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs

A research and educational organization that serves as a forum on ethics and international policy. The Council's project on Empire and Democracy focuses on multilateral ways to promote democracy.

The Project for the New American Century

A think-tank established in 1997 by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, among others, that seeks to promote US global leadership by increasing defense spending and adopting a "foreign policy that boldly and purposefully promotes American principles abroad."

The National Security Archive

The National Security Archive functions both as a non governmental, non-profit institution, a research institute on international affairs, a library and archive of declassified US documents, a public interest law firm defending and expanding public access to government information, and an indexer and publisher of the documents in books, microfiche, and electronic formats.


US Office of Foreign Assets Control

An American government document entitled "What You Need to Know About the US Embargo".

UN Involvement Against Terrorism

UN Action Against Terrorism

This UN page provides UN initiatives, documents and latest developments in the campaign to fight terrorism.

UN Treaties Against International Terrorism

This page provides international agreements since 1963 to combat international terrorism in its many forms.

Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee

A link to the committee established pursuant to resolution 1373 concerning counter-terrorism

Briefings by the Chairman of the Counter-Terrorism Committee

A link to briefing summaries from UK Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock, Chairman of the Counter-Terrorism Committee.

Security Council's Action Against Terrorism

This UN page provides Security Council action against terrorism since 1989, including resolutions, presidential statements and verbatim reports.

General Assembly 's Action Against Terrorism

This UN page provides General Assembly's resolutions to prevent terrorism since 1981.

Secretary General 's Action Against Terrorism

This UN page provides reports of the Secretary-General, including information from states.

US Mission to the UN: Statements on Terrorism

A link to statements made by US Ambassadors Negroponte and Cunningham on the terrorist crisis

Documents on Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights on the Situation in Cuba

Site includes resolutions, reports, decisions and NGO statements.

Summary of European Union Legislation in Retaliation to The Helms-Burton Act

Posted by the Cuba Program at the Center for International Policy.

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