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World Bank Debars Firms

World Bank News Release
February 17, 2000

Washington - The World Bank today announced the permanent debarment of 29 firms and seven individuals. In ordering the debarments, World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn acted on the recommendation of the Bank's Sanctions Committee, which found that the firms and individuals had engaged in corrupt practices as defined by the Bank's Consultants' Guidelines. All of the firms and individuals included in today's announcement were debarred as a result of actions taken in connection with Bank-financed projects in Nigeria.

Some of the companies and individuals involved disputed the charges.

The debarment of each company applies as well to any firm which owns the majority of the capital of that company and to any firm of which the company owns a majority of the capital. Since the Sanctions Committee was established in November 1998, the Bank has declared 41 firms, including the 29 announced today, ineligible to be awarded Bank-financed contracts. Nine individuals have also been debarred.

The firms and individuals included in today's announcement are:


1. Agricultural Development Services Ltd., U.K.

2. Ana Exports Ltd., U.K.

3. Coldline Incorporated, U.S.A.

4. Consultants for International Development P.L.C. , U.K.

5. Cord Construction Ltd., U.K.

6. Cybertek International Ltd., U.K.

7. Drill Technologies & Co., U.K.

8. Economic Consulting Group, U.K.

9. Emkay Enterprises Ltd., U.K.

10. Engineering Projects International, U.K.

11. First Fuji Ltd., U.K.

12. Flair Developments Ltd., U.K.

13. Infotek & Co., U.K.

14. Inter Emirates & Co., United Arab Emirates

15. International Development Projects Services, U.K.

16. Inter-Russ Ltd., U.K.

17. Labh Universal, U.K.

18. Medirite Group Ltd., U.K.

19. Mirna International, U.K.

20. Norsk-Agro Ltd., U.K.

21. Resource Development Ltd., U.K.

22. Ribalco International, U.K.

23. Sharda Impex (U.K.) Ltd., Nigeria

24. Shereena Agriculture Ltd., Nigeria

25. Shivind Ltd., U.K.

26. Thrust Technologies & Co., U.K.

27. Times International & Co., U.K.

28. United Basel Ltd., U.K.

29. West End Associates Ltd., U.K.


1. Labh Singh Gill, U.K.

2. Vikram Deepak Gursahaney, Nigeria

3. Gurpreet Singh Malik, Nigeria

4. Pradeep Menon, U.K.

5. Shivshanker Pre Nair, U.K.

6. Mandeep S. Sandhu, U.S.A.

7. Kamal Sharda, Nigeria


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