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State Sovereignty and Corruption

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Offshore banking, secret financial havens, money laundering and corruption steadily corrode the foundations of the nation-state. Offshore tax havens, spread by new computing and telecommunications, provide an unprecedented tax shelter, enabling rich citizens and corporations to escape the national tax system - eroding the tax base, weakening state finance and undermining the legitimacy of the tax system in the eyes of ordinary citizens. Offshore havens also promote money laundering, aiding criminal anti-social activities of all kinds, beyond the detection of national authorities. Corruption of public officials flourishes under such conditions, in the North as in the South, further eroding the capacity of the state to operate "legally" and to command the loyalty of its ordinary citizens.

General Analysis on Corruption and Money Laundering

This page posts general articles on corruption.

Regions - Corruption and Money Laundering

This section provides regional examples of how corruption and money laundering drain tax revenue and undermine government authority.

Tax Havens

This section provides articles on how offshore tax havens undermine national tax sovereignty and funding of public services and infrastructure

Flags of Convenience

This section looks at how flags of convenience undermine state sovereignty.



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