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Anti-Globalization Protest: Washington, DC - April 20, 2002

Network Coverage Of Washington, DC Protests (April 20, 2002)

Indymedia assesses network coverage of the protests in Washington, DC, concluding that most reports failed to acknowledge protesters were "bound by one common uniting theme: Anger at Bush Administration policies, from his support of Sharon to his support of globalization."

Largest Showing of Solidarity with Palestinians in US History (April 20, 2002)
An unprecedented coalition of peace, labor, and justice groups met in Washington, DC, to voice concern over a variety of issues. "Feeder marches," demonstrating against globalization, US foreign policy in Colombia, and the plight of the Palestinian people, converged to show the strength of global civil society. (Indymedia)

Organizers of IMF Protest Object to Route (April 18, 2002)
The police have denied plans by anti-globalization activists to perform street theater outside the offices of multi-national corporations in Washington, DC. Organizers brand the ban, which will ensure demonstrators remain well away from Coca Cola and Citibank, as "a complete denial of our First Amendment rights." (Washington Post)

Demonstrators Plan to Unite Varied Causes In DC Protest (April 9, 2002)
Organizers of the up-coming protests in Washington, DC, hope to articulate "a diversity of dissent." The police will have more than just anti-globalization protesters to contend with, as the agenda includes issues such as military intervention in Afghanistan, the Israel/Palestine dispute and injustice in Colombia. (Washington Post)


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