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Anti-Globalization Protest: Barcelona - March 15-16, 2002


Barcelona: The New Reference Point for the Global Justice Movement (March 26, 2002)
Seattle gave "birth" to the anti-globalization movement, a phenomenon that grew with protests in Washington, Prague and Quebec, culminating in Genoa in June 2001. If the events of September 11 caused the death of the movement, the strength of recent protests in Barcelona signifies its "rebirth." (La Jornada)

The Largest Demonstration Ever Organized Against Corporate Globalization (March 17, 2002)
EU summits usually attract less attention from protesters than meetings of the World Trade Organization and G7. However, at least 250,000 protesters took to the streets of Barcelona, a number even more impressive considering the intensity of pressure from the Catalan police and international media. (Civicus)

More Than 300,000 Protest Against EU Summit (March 16, 2002)
Anti-globalization marches in Barcelona were reportedly virtually trouble free, in stark contrast to protests at previous EU Heads of State summits. Over 300,000 activists lined the streets, far in excess of the organizer's expectations. (Agence France Presse)

British Protesters Flock to Summit (March 10, 2002)
The Observer argues that the "siege mentality" adopted by the Spanish police in anticipation of protests at the up-coming EU head of state meeting "raises the possibility that anarchist demonstrators arrested in Barcelona could be charged with terrorism, not public order offences."

Networking Civil Society in Barcelona (March 11, 2002)
The World Social Forum attracts thousands of activists and encompasses large-scale street protests and workshops. In contrast, Ubuntu's invite-only policy allows civil society leaders to operate in a more formal, "UN-style" format. The message, however, that "another world is possible," remains the same.
(Earth Island Journal)


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