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Anti-Globalization Protest: Kananaskis, June 26-27, 2002


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Key Documents

Hidden in the Mountains (June 27, 2002)

The remoteness of Kananaskis Village has successfully kept G8 leaders tucked away from protesters. Anti-G8 activists in Calgary are far fewer than in Genoa in 2001, because many people held protests in their home cities instead. (Global Policy Forum)

Dissent and Alternatives (June 26, 2002)

As the G8 begins its meeting in Kananaskis, surrounded by tanks and swarms of security forces, in nearby Calgary the counter-summit protests have begun. The G8 Summit Group of Six Billion People's Summit (G6B), a civil society parallel forum, looks at socially responsible alternatives to the policies of G8 countries. (Global Policy Forum)

The G8 and Everyone Else (June 24, 2002)

G8 leaders are convening in Kananaskis, Canada to discuss "the state of the global economy, the progress of the war on terrorism, and a new development partnership with Africa." As nine heads of state and many prominent "special guests" will be present, police forces are stepping up "stringent security arrangements against terrorism and enterprising anti-G8 activists". (Global Policy Forum)


Mali Stages 'Poor Man's G8' (June 26, 2002)

Anti-globalization activists, citizens, and members of all walks of life are gathering at an historic village in Mali to come up with "African solutions to African problems". They believe that the G8 countries and NEPAD should not have the authority to decide the fate of millions of Africans who were never consulted. (BBC)

Peaceful Protest Turns Nasty (June 15, 2002)

At the last G7 ministerial meeting, protesters and police clash in a mess of tear gas, stun guns and pepper spray. "The loose coalition of demonstrators [...] included antiglobalization protesters, human rights activists and people upset over the Israeli-Palestinian situation." (Canadian Press)

G8 Activists Hit Roadblock to Rent Alberta Native Land for Tent Village (April 30, 2002)

Struggles over aboriginal land rights have set back plans to establish a "Solidarity Village" for the duration of the G8 summit in June 2002. If the campsite goes ahead, organizers hope to create "a festival-like atmosphere where activists can build solidarity and resistance to G8 policies." (Canadian Press)



G6B People's Summit

The G6B Summit offers "an alternative view of the planet's future; one which is not rooted in increased militarism and poverty, and decreased human and civil rights."

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