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Haiti’s Renewal of MINUSTAH’s Mandate in Violation of the Human Rights of the Haitian People

Endorsed by a range of NGOs, this report was submitted to the UN during the Twelfth Session of the Working Group on the UPR Human Rights Council. Because Haiti has never had an armed conflict to monitor or peace agreement to enforce, MINUSTAH’s Chapter VII mandate has never been warranted.  In addition, there is evidence that UN peacekeepers engaged in sexual exploitation and introduced cholera in Haiti. The UN and the Haitian government signed a standard Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) granting broad immunity to MINUSTAH for crimes committed in the country. Although the SOFA provides for the establishment of a Standing Claims Commission to ensure accountability, failure to create such a Commission has resulted in a blanket waiver of Haitians’ human rights.

October 3-13, 2011

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