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Tables and Charts on Security Council

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Peacekeeping - Tables and Graphs

Links to a page listing several tables and graphs showing size of contingents, size of missions and budget data.

Council Meetings & Consultations: 1988-2010 - Table and Graph

Shows frequency of formal meetings and informal consultations.

Resolutions and Presidential Statements: 1988-2011- Table and Graph

Shows number of resolutions and presidential statements in each year.

Use of the Veto: 1945-2012 - Table and Graph

Shows number of vetoes cast each decade by each Permanent Member.
Another graph shows vetoes in relation to all resolutions (to 1992).

Vetoed Draft Resolutions 1946-2008 - Table

Sanctions Meetings: 1990-2007 - Table or Graph

Shows how often each Sanctions Committee met.

Size of Missions of Council Members - Table

Shows relative capacity to function as a Council member.


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