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By Juan Cole

Informed Comment
January 12, 2005

A kind person in Baghdad sent me this. It is a translation of an official announcement from last month, which appeared in a Kuwaiti newspaper. It is a complete listing of the parties, coalitions and individuals that are contesting the January 30 elections. (Note that the Iraqi Islamic Party has since withdrawn). Note also that each voter can vote for only one of these lists. Where the list consists of a single individual, the voter would have to really want that person in parliament, and he or she would need on the order of 44,000 votes.

The names of the individual candidates for the most part have still not been publicly revealed. So Iraqis are expected to vote for a list based on the head of the list, who is known, and its general orientation. The United Iraqi Alliance (also translated as Unified Iraqi Coalition), e.g., groups a large number of religious Shiite parties, and is likely to attract a majority of the Shiite vote.


The Final Statistics Of the Candidates' Lists

[Md. is an abbreviation for Muhammad below; Dem. is Democratic.]


The final results of the number of lists of candidates – parties, political entities, and coalitions – to compete in the elections for the National Assembly, the Kurdistan National Council, and the Provincial Councils that will take place on January 30, 2005, were announced [last month].

The official spokesman for the Supreme Commission for the Elections, Dr. Farid Ayyar, said that 73 political entities – organizations, political movements, gatherings, parties, and associations – presented lists of their candidates for the National Assembly, while 25 single-individual political entities presented lists of their candidacies for the National Assembly. Four of the single-individual political entities announced the withdrawal of their candidacy altogether for various reasons, and three of the individual entities changed their status by withdrawing as individual candidates and joining existing coalitions.

The official spokesman declared that the number of entities that will enter into electoral competition has reached 98 political entities. Concerning the coalitions, Dr. Ayyar said that their number has reached 9 coalitions with a total of 49 political entities.

The official spokesman indicated that the number of lists of candidates for the Kurdistan National Council has reached 14 lists of political entities and only one coalition, while no individual entity presented its candidacy for the afore-mentioned election.


List of the Candidates for the National Assembly


Name of Political Entity/ Name of Entity Head/ No. of candidates

1. Free Democratic Homeland Party Haytham al-Hasani 63
2. Kurdistan Conservatives' Party Zayd `Umar Khudr al-Surchi 12
3. Independent Euphrates Bloc Shakir A.A. Khashan al-Jabasi 143
4. Islamic Tha'r Allah Organization Yusuf Sinadi `Abd al-Wahid 12
5 Yazidi Movement for Reform and Progress Amin Farhan Jiju 12
6 Dem. Gathering of Iraqi Tribes Ghalib Su`ud Shallal al-Rikabi 51
7 Chaldean Democratic Union Party Ablahad Afram Sat 12
8 United Dem. Iraq Congress, Jawdat Kadhim Md. al-`Ubaydi 150
9. Kurdistan Dem. Socialist Party Muhammad Hajj Mahmud Md. 38
10 Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party Fa'iq Muhammad Ahmad 12
11 Islamic 15th of Sha`ban Movement Razzaq Yasir Muzhhir 47
12 New Iraq Renaissance Movement Ahmad Muhammad Faysal 45
13 Islamic Unity Party Muhammad al-Musawi al-Qasimi 19
14 Democratic National(ist) Party Nasir Kamil al-Chadirchi 12
15 Kurdistan Islamic Group Muhammad Najib hasan al-Barzanji 12
16 Democratic Qasimi Gathering Qasim Amin al-Janabi 18
17 Independent Babil Association Salim Kazhim Naji 48
18 Independent Democratic Iraqi Gathering
For Liberation and Construction Jasim Husayn Sakr 117
19 Iraqi Democratic Popular Gathering Khalaf al-Munshidi 24
20 Iraqi Nat'l Unity Gathering Dr. Nihru Muhammad `Abd al-Karim 275
21 Independent `Abd al-Sattar Jabr Kati` al-`Abbudi 1
22 Independent `Ali Musallam Jar Allah al-Baydani 1
23 Independent Muhammad Rashad Khalil al-Fadl 1
24 Independent Ibrahim Khalil Sa`id 1
25 Independent `Abd al-Amir `Ubays al-Sabah 1
26 Independent Dr. Ibrahim Shafiq Khalil Ibrahim al-Basri 1
27 Independent Sa`dun Ghulam `Ali `Abd al-Karim 1
28 Coalesced with another party Hikmat Dawud Hakim (1)
29 Withdrew Salman Nasir Husayn Makutir (1)
30 Coalesced within the Iraqi List Dr. Raja' Habib al-Khuza`I (1)
31 Independent Muhammad Kazhim Fayruz al-Hindawi 1
32 Independent Muthanna Fadil Muhammad 1
33 Independent Ahmad Taha Ahmad Yasin 1
34 Independent Malik `Abd al-Husayn al-Zubaydi 1
35 Independent Muhammad Muhsin `Ali al-Zubaydi 1
36 Withdrew Rajiha Ahmad Salih al-Baghdadi (Ms.) (1)

37 Independent Majid `Abd al-Rahim Wahib al-Jami`i 1
38 Independent Amin Haydar Hamad 1
39 Independent `Abbas `Ali Zaki Hassun 1
40 Independent Muhammad `Abd `Awwad 1
41 Independent `Abd al-Razzaq Jawad Jabir 1
42 Independent `Amir `Ali Husayn `Uwayd al-Murshidi 1
43 Independent Kazhim Jasim `Ali al-Fadili al-Husayni 1
44 Independent Ghalib Muhsin `Abd Husayn al-Sabahi 1
45 Independent Dr. `Abd Jasim al-Sa`idi 1
46 Independent Muhammad Dahham Nazzal 1
47 Independent Engineer Baqir al-Baqir 1
48 Independent Engineer Wadi Muhammad Wadi Hiyal al-Khalifa 1
49 Independent Falah Hasan `Abd al-Amir al-`Aridi 1
50 Independent Ahmad Hasan Mahmud 1
51 Withdrew as an individual and joined The Unified Iraqi Alliance `Adil `Abd al-Mahdi Shibr (1)
52 Independent Mahmud Taha `Abbud al-Qurna l-Juburi 1
53 Democratic Islamic Party Dr. `Abbas Sahib al-`Askari 111
54 Iraqi Democratic Gathering Husayn Muhammad al-Juburi 124
55 Turkmen National Movement Husam al-Din `Ali Wali 36
56 Iraqi Islamic Party Dr. Muhsin `Abd al-Hamid 275
57 Islamic Da`wa Movement `Adil `Abd al-Rahim Majid 45
58 Unity Party Mubdir Salman Ways 208
59 Democratic Construction Party As`ad Hamid Rabah al-`Ibadi 30
60 National League of Leaders and Shaykhs
Of Iraqi Tribes Thamir Najm Hasan `Abdallah 57
61 Independents' List Dr. Nizar `Ali Muhsin al-Wa'ili 48
62. Hashimite Iraqi Monarchists, Sharif Ma'mul A.R. Al Nisan 164
63 Democratic Collective Action Front `Abbas Hadi Jabr 111
64 Notables of Iraq Council Nizar Habib al-Khayzaran 70
65 Democratic Islamic Trend Husayn al-`Adili 64
66. Iraqi Council of NGO Humanitarian Orgs. Jabbar Mustaf Hassun `Ali 46
67 Democratic National(ist) Alliance Samir Shakir al-Sumaydi`i 36
68. Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation, Dr. Mithal al-Alusi, 25
69 Islamic Union of Fayli Kurds of Iraq Tha'ir Ibrahim al-Fayli 22
70 Democratic National(ist) Coalition Malik Duhan al-Hasan 189
71 Democratic Iraq Gathering Farqad Mu`izz al-Din Al-Qazwini 111
72 Iraqi Democratic Liberal Party Muhammad Baqir al-Suhayl 37
73 Unified Arab Front Wasfi `Asi Hasan al-`Ubaydi 24
74 Independent Iraqi Commission of Civil Society Organizations Basil `Abd al-Wahhab al-`Azzawi 80

75. Independent Iraqi Declaration Gathering, Mansur A.M. al-Asadi 96
76 Assyrian National Gathering `Udishu Malku Kurkis 15
77 Islamic Action Organization in Iraq – Central Command `Ala' Hamud Salih Al Tu`ma 45
78 1991 Sha`bani Intifada of Iraq Bloc Yahya Kazhim al-`Isami 42
79 Grandsons of the 1920 Revolution Gathering `Abd al-Husayn `Abd al-`Azhim al-Yasin 42
80 Democratic Islamic Party Dr. `Abbas Sahib al-`Askari 1
81 Independent Nat'list Elites and Cadres Fathallah Ghazi Isma`il 180
82 Iraqi Republican Gathering Sa`d `Asim al-Janabi 275
83 Islamic Accord Movement* Jamal Muhammad Hasan al-Wakil 67
84 Democratic National(ist) Party Nasir al-Chadirchi 45
85 Iraqi National Salvation Party* Sami Zaydan Khalaf 132
86 Independent Iraqi Bloc* Walid `Abd al-Rahman al-`Umar 57
87 Iraqi Gathering for Democracy Rahim Abu Jari' al-Sa`idi 102
88 Democratic Society Movement* Hamid al-Kifa'i 30
89 General Union of the Youth of Iraq Sajid Hattab 114
90 Democratic Iraqi People's Party* `Abd al-Rida Jamil Nasir al-Khafaji 75
91 Democratic Iraqi Current* `Aziz al-Yasiri 64
92 National Gathering of the Center Current Muhammad `Abd al-Karim Muhammad 39
93 Independent Gathering of the Citizens
of Baghdad `Ali Fadil `Ali 31
94 Iraqis* Shaykh Gahzi `Ajil al-Yawar 80
95 Reconciliation and Liberation Bloc Mish`an al-Juburi 16
96 Independent List Hadi Jabbar Hamadi al-Shaybani 103
97 Iraqi Nat'l Brotherhood Party Ra`d Salman `Alwan al-`Ubaydi 181
98 National(ist) Gathering Hana' Idwar Jurj 71
99 Indep. Democrats' Gathering* `Adnan Muzahim al-Pachachi 63
100 Constitutional Monarchism* Sharif `Ali Bin al-Husayn 275
101 National(ist) Front for the Unity of Iraq Hasan Zaydan Khaf al-Lahibi 216
102 Arab Democratic Front* Fihran Hawwas al-Sadid 50
103 National(ist) Brotherhood Movement* Nadim H.S. al-Tamimi 48
104 Independent Progressive Front* Shaykh `Abd al-Karim S. al-Rubay`i 102
105 National(ist) Message List* Ahmad Ya`kub al-`Ubaydi 60


The Coalitions Presented for the National Assembly

Register Name Constituent Parties No. of candidates

1 Justice and the Future Party 275

1. Democratic Justice and Progress
2. Free Fayli Kurd Organization

2 Turkmen of Iraq Front 63

1. Ibli Turkmen Party
2. Turkmen National(ist) Party
3. Independent Turkmen Movement
4. Iraqi Turkmen Justice Party
5. Islamic Movement of the Turkmen of Iraq

3 Unified Iraqi Coalition [Alliance] 228

1. Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq
2. Islamic Da`wa Party
3. Gathering of the Center Party
4. Badr Organization
5. Islamic Da`wa Party/Iraq Organization
6. Justice and Equality Gathering
7. Iraqi National Congress Party
8. Islamic Virtue Party
9. First Democratic Nationalist Party
10. Islamic Union of the Turkmen of Iraq
11. Turkmen Fidelity Movement
12. Islamic Fayli Gathering in Iraq
13. Islamic Action Organization
14. Iraq of the Future Gathering
15. Hizballah in Iraq Movement
16. Islamic Sayyid of the Martyrs Movement

4 Democratic Coalition of the Two Rivers 12

1. Nationalist Bith Nahrayn Movement
2. Independent Gathering of Assyrians Movement

5 People's Union 275

1. Hikmat Dawud Hakim
2. Iraqi Communist Party

6 Nationalist List of the Two Rivers 28

1. Assyrian Democratic Movement
2. Chaldean National Council

7 Iraqi List 233

1. Iraqi National Accord Movement
2. Iraqi Democrats' Movement
3. Democratic National Renaissance Party
4. Independent Iraqi Corps
5. Fidelity to Iraq Gathering
6. Notables of Iraq Council
7. Dr. Raja' Habib al-Khuza`i

8 Kurdish Alliance List 165

1. Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
2. Kurdistan Democratic Party
3. Kurdistan Islamic Union
4. Kurdistan Communist Party
5. Kurdistan Democratic Socialist Party
6. Kurdistan Democratic National(ist) Party
7. Democratic Bith Nahrayn Party
8. Chaldean Democratic Union Party
9. Assyrian National(ist) Party
10. Kurdistan Peasants and Oppressed Movement
11. Kurdistan Toilers' Party

9 Iraqi National(ist) Movement and the Independent Coalition of Iraqi Civil Society Organizations 172

1. Iraqi National(ist) Movement
2. Independent Coalition of Iraqi Civil Society Organizations
Office of the Press Spokesman Of the Supreme Independent Commission for the Elections

The Lists Presented for the Kurdish National Council

Register Name of Political Entity Name of Entity Head No. of candidates

1 Kurdistan Conservatives' Party Zayd Khudr al-Surchi 12
2 Kurdistan National Current Yasin Muhammad `Abd al-Qadir 109
3 Kurdistan Democrats' Movement Shukrallah Hamid Amin Sa`id 9
4 Democratic Movement of the People of Kurdistan Khudr Qadir Khudr 6
5 Kurdistan Communist Party Kamal Shakir 60
6 Chaldean Democratic Union Party Ablahad Afram Sat 3
7 Kurdistan Democratic Socialist Party Muhammad Hajj Mahmud Muhammad 112
8 Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party Fa'iq Muhammad Ahmad 33
9 Kurdish Independents' List Farhad Birbal al-Qassab 11
10 Kurdish Islamic Group Muhammad Najib Hasan al-Barzanji 9
11 Kurdistan Democratic Action Party Yusuf Hanna Yusuf 6
12 Iraqi Republican Gathering Sa`d `Asim al-Janabi 7
13 Iraqi National(ist) Brotherhood Party Ra`d Salman al-`Ubaydi 8
14 Kurdistan Labor Party Shawan Siddiq `Uthman 3
From the Office of the Press Spokesman Of the Supreme Independent Commission for the Elections

Coalitions of the Kurdistan National Council

Register Name of Coalition Coalescing Entities No. of candidates

1 Kurdistan Democratic List 111 1. Kurdish Democratic Party
2. Kurdistan Democratic National Union
3. Democratic Bit Nahrayn Party
4. Kurdistan Peasants and Oppressed Movement
5. Assyrian National(ist) Party
6. Conservatives' Party
7. Chaldean Democratic Union Party

Office of the Press Spokesman Of the Supreme Independent Commission for the Elections

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