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Membership of the Security Council

This page lists  member-countries, links to the profile of ambassadors, and provides information about presidencies and sanctions committees' chairmanship. 

Elected Members: 1946-present

This page lists, year by year, the name of countries elected to serve in the Security Council for a two-year term.

Size of Missions of Council Members

Shows relative capacity to function as a Council member.



Elections of Members to the Security Council: 1996-present

Accounts of elections in which many factors including money and pressure are often at play.



Terminology, Pressures and Privileges

Security Council - Source: BBC

Proposal for a Change in Membership Terminology

Why we should refer to "elected" rather than "non-permanent" members.

Security Council Seat Tied to Aid (November 1, 2006)

This Washington Post piece questions the relationship between vote at the UN Security Council and aid increase to elected members. A seat on the Council could provide the non permanent member with significant US economic aid according to a Harvard study. Not only did the US provide some elected members with larger financial aid, the International Monetary Fund as well has allocated loans to countries after they joined the top UN body. Some US and UN officials contest the study's findings, citing other explanations for the increase in development assistance. Yet, experts say that the statistical increase in aid reveals a pattern "that is very consistent with vote buying."

Vote Buying in UN Security Council by Any Other Form: Study (August 25, 2006)

Harvard has released a study revealing that permanent members increase their foreign aid to countries elected to serve on the Council for two years. Through mathematical formulas and government data on foreign aid, the report makes the case of vote buying and arm-twisting of elected members during that period. "On average, a non-permanent member of the council enjoys a 59 percent increase in total aid from the United States and an 8 percent increase in total development aid from the United Nations," the study says. (Deutsche Presse Agentur)

Pressures on Africa's Elected Members

Comments by Ambassador Gambari of Nigeria to a meeting of the Africa Amicale.

Privileges of Non-Elected ("Permanent") Members

Analysis by Argentina that looks at the many special privileges of non-elected members in the UN system.

Eyes on the Prize (January 2000)

David Malone writes that elected "membership in the council is seen at the UN in the late 1990s as more of a prize than ever." A guide to your bid for the Security Council. (Global Governance)

Permanent Membership: Objective Criteria

A comparative look at how certain states fulfill the criteria for the great-power status inferred by 'permanent' membership.


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