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Meeting Calendar 1999


Meeting Calendar 1999


MonthPresidentialP-5E-10Other Working Group Meetings Number
January Brazil* France* Argentina* [Global Witness] Steering Group 5
February Canada* - Slovenia* Netherlands* Gambia* - Steering Group 5
March - UK*,US Argentina* Sergio Vieira de Mello Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs - 4
April France*
China (March presidency)
- - - - 2
May - Russia* Argentina* Portugal* - 3
June Gambia*L Gabon (May presidency)* - Canada* Netherlands* Italy (ECOSOC)* - 5
July - UK* Brazil* - - 2
August Namibia*L US - Ndiaye** - 3
September Netherlands*L - Argentina - 2
October Russia*L France* - Mollander** [StC-UK] - 4
November Slovenia*L US Canada* New 5* [Harleman] Steering Group 6
December UK* - Netherlands* Argentina* Reception - 4


Asterisk indicates meeting with the Permanent Representative.
Some meetings included one or more additional members of the team: Argentina, Canada, Netherlands, China and Brazil.

Meetings with NGOs are in square brackets.
Meetings with Secretariat officials are indicated by a double asterisk.
Luncheons indicated by an L.
All meetings with Argentina were breakfasts.


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