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Peacekeeping Reform


The UN's failure to respond to humanitarian disasters such as the 1994 genocide in Rwanda has called attention to the question of how the UN could deploy peacekeepers more rapidly and effectively. In August 2000, the Brahimi Report acknowledged the shortcomings of UN Peacekeeping efforts and proposed wide reforms. Since then, other suggestions have been made about how to improve peacekeeping, including personnel and equipment standby arrangements and rapid deployment mechanisms.  Several member states and non-governmental organizations have undertaken studies and initiatives to push forward reform efforts, encouraging the UN as a whole to do the same. The links and resources on peacekeeping provide links to organizations working on peacekeeping reform.


Key UN Reports and Documents

This section posts information on the Brahimi report and other UN initiatives.

Reform Recommendations by NGOs and Think Tanks

This page provides reports and articles by NGOs and Think Tanks on Peacekeeping Reform.

Articles on UN Peacekeeping Reform

This section posts articles about UN Peacekeeping reform.

UN Standing Force

This page looks at proposals to speed up UN deployment of peacekeepers.

Peacekeeper and Military Troop Training

This page posts information on private military companies and training of peacekeepers.



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