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UN Reform, Including SC Expansion Not End in Itself -

November 13, 2007

Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said at the 62nd session of the UN General Assembly on Monday that the UN reform, including such important component of it as the Security Council expansion is not an end in itself. He stressed, "Any changes should be aimed at raising the UN effectiveness and consolidating its central role in the world affairs."

Making decisions linked with the reforming "it is necessary to be guided by the necessity of the preservation of the state nature of the worldwide Organisation," the Russian diplomat went on to say. It is possible to achieve this goal only ensuring the maximally wide accord of the UN member states on all aspects of planned transformations, Churkin said.

Touching upon the issue of the Security Council work the Russian diplomat noted that this year, the same as in the previous years, "The Council has been actively engaged in the settlement of vital contemporary problems." According to the Russian permanent representative, this testifies to the fact that the international community and UN Security Council members "appreciate the irreplaceable and unique principle of the legitimacy of the Council decisions that lies in the foundation of the process of the settlement of problems in the sphere of international law and security." However, this circumstance also imposes serious responsibility on the Council regarding making decisions and ensuring their fulfilment, Churkin noted.

In his view, the desire to improve the methods of the Council work is no less important. "It is necessary for us to seek not only issuing resolutions and making statements, but only using the strategic approach and seeking the proper fulfilment of decisions made by us, to continue the consistent improvement of the partnership dialogue with countries suppliers of troops for peacekeeping operations and other participants in the UN peacekeeping," the diplomat added.

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