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Sanctions Kill More Children, Elderly in Iraq


Originally posted in Institute for Global Communications (IGC) member conference: hr.child

March 17, 1999

Baghdad, March 13 (Xinhua) -- Over 10,000 Iraqi children and elderly people died of diseases growing out of malnutrition in January, a sharp contrast to the 766 deaths in the same month in 1989, statistics from the Health Ministry showed.

The statistics released Saturday by the Vital and Health Statistical Department of the ministry also showed that 9,162 children and aged persons died in February, compared with 835 in the same month in 1989 prior to the U.N. sanctions, which were imposed on Iraq following its invasion of Kuwait in August, 1990.

The figures said that 14,396 children, aged below five, died of diarrhea, pneumonia and respiratory infections, and malnutrition over the past two months while 5,592, aged above-50, died of heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes and malignant neoplasms.

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