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Tables and Charts on Health, Poverty and Development


Health, Poverty and Development


In less than a generation, HIV/AIDS has become the history's worst pandemic, claiming more lives than even the Black Death. The epidemic is not only a health issue but also a socio-economic and security issue.





Like many epidemics, HIV follows an 'S-curve' – a gradual buildup leading to a rapid surge. For instance, across southern Africa the percentage of adults living with HIV/AIDS soared from 2 to 20 in less than six years.





The 'AIDS Tax': AIDS kills people in the prime of their working lives, destroying human capital, eroding productivity, and raising the cost of doing business.





Children need special support from parents and teachers to reach their potential. Yet, according to estimates, by 2010 25 million children worldwide will have seen a parent succumb to AIDS.





This graph illustrates how economic growth in South Africa depends on the handling of the AIDS issue.





Having overrun Africa, the epidemic is opening new fronts, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. This chart models the impact of AIDS on future GDP growth in Russia.



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