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Global Partnership for Development: High-level International Intergovernmental Consideration of Financing for Development


Resolution Adopted by the General Assembly [on the report of the Second Committee(A/52/626/Add.1)]

18 December 1997

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General Assembly: A/RES/52/179
Fifty-second session
Agenda item 95 (a)

The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolutions 46/205 of 20 December 1991, 48/187 of 21 December 1993 and 50/93 of 20 December 1995, and relevant resolutions, in which it decided, inter alia, to consider at its fifty-second session the convening of an international conference on the financing of development,

Recalling also the Agenda for Development, 1/ in which it is stated, inter alia, that due consideration should be given to modalities for conducting an intergovernmental dialogue on the financing of development,

Reaffirming that development is a complex multidimensional process and is one of the main priorities of the international community, for which Governments have individual and shared responsibilities,

Noting with concern the continuous decline of the official development assistance flows to developing countries, and that official development assistance remains a main source of external funding for developing countries, particularly those in Africa and the least developed countries,

Recognizing the need to further explore ways of generating new public and private financial resources to complement development efforts,

Reaffirming its resolutions 50/91 of 20 December 1995, 50/227 of 24 May 1996 and 51/166 of 16 December 1996, as well as Economic and Social Council resolution 1996/43 of 26 July 1996 on strengthening collaboration between the United Nations development system and the Bretton Woods institutions,

1. Notes the need for systematic, comprehensive and integrated high-level international intergovernmental consideration of financing for development, with a view to creating a broader-based partnership for development;

2. Also notes that various efforts have been undertaken both within and outside the United Nations system to address financing for development, and in that regard considers it important that efforts already undertaken and under way should contribute to the broader-based partnership for development;

3. Stresses the need for a process that will take stock of various efforts undertaken both within and outside the United Nations system on financing for development in preparing for high-level international intergovernmental consideration;

4. Decides to convene a resumed session of the Second Committee of the fifty-second session of the General Assembly for two days in order to solicit the views of Governments on the inputs required from a broad range of stakeholders, including actors both within and outside the United Nations system, as well as views on key elements that might be included in the consideration of the topic of financing for development, and to identify potential sources of such inputs;

5. Requests the Secretary-General to ensure that the reports requested at the resumed session of the fifty-second session of the General Assembly are compiled and forwarded to Governments at the fifty-third session of the General Assembly, with an index report indicating recurring themes and key elements found therein, and also requests the Secretary-General to prepare a report to be submitted at the same time on the work of the United Nations to address financing for development;

6. Also decides to create an ad hoc open-ended working group to work during the fifty-third session of the General Assembly in order to undertake an in-depth examination of all the inputs requested, with a view to formulating a report containing recommendations on the form, scope and agenda of the high-level international intergovernmental consideration of the topic of financing for development, which will be submitted to the General Assembly at its fifty-fourth session;

7. Further decides to consider at the fifty-fourth session of the General Assembly the convening, inter alia, of a summit, international conference, special session of the General Assembly or other appropriate high-level international intergovernmental forum on financing for development to further the global partnership for development, not later than the year 2001.

77th plenary meeting, 18 December 1997

1/ Resolution 51/240, annex.



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