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The Green Economy: the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The latest report of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) “Towards a green Economy” presents many possibilities for altering patterns of production, industry, agriculture and the organization of cities. It also highlights a wide range of initiatives in alternative technology and renewable energy. In this publication of the Transnational Institute, Professor Edgardo Lander from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas recognizes the report’s contribution to debates on feasible alternatives. At the same time, however, he denounces the reports failure to analyze the extraordinarily unequal power relations that exist in today’s world, and the interests at play in the operation of this global economic system. These interests will block change to implement green solutions.  

By Edgard Lander

Transnational Institute

December 2011

To see UNEPs report “Towards a Green Economy,” please click here.

To see Edgard Lander’s commentary “The Green Economy: the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing,” please click here.


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