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Tables and Charts on Social & Economic Policy

This page provides a list of tables and charts on Global Social and Economic policy issues which include, global poverty and development, debt relief and transnational corporations, among others.

Social and Economic Policy at the UN

Tables and charts on ECOSOC membership and more.

Poverty and Development

Tables and charts on poverty and development, including average GDP and economic growth.

Global Food Aid

Tables and charts on international hunger relief.

World Hunger

Tables and charts on world hunger.

Foreign Direct Investment

Tables and charts on foreign direct investment, including infows and outflows.

International Trade and Development

Tables and charts on international trade and development.

International Aid

Tables and charts on International Aid.

Debt Relief

Tables and charts on debt and debt relief.

Inequality of Wealth and Income Distribution

Tables and charts on global injustice and inequality, including spending priorities, voting shares at the IMF and the World Bank and geographic distribution of wealth.

Gender and Inequality

Tables and charts on Gender and Inequality.

The Environment

Tables and charts on the environment, including carbon emissions and oil consumption.

Transnational Corporations

Tables and charts on TNCs, including information on mergers and acquisitions and comparisons of revenues between TNCs and states.

US Trade and Budget Deficit

Tables and charts on the US trade and budget deficit.



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