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Tables and Charts on Poverty and Development

Poverty and Development


Economic Growth

These tables and charts contain statistics on economic growth, measured as the percent increase in real gross domestic product (GDP). Real GDP includes all currently produced goods and services sold on the market. But this measure ignores regional variations in income and spending, household services and volunteer activities. Despite its weaknesses as a measure of development and human well-being, the GDP remains the most common indicator of economic output.

To view the tables from 1981-2007, click here.

Population Below the Poverty Line (April, 2011)

This table lists the fifteen countries with the highest population percentages below the poverty line. To view the table, click here.

Income by Region: 1990 - 2015

The World Bank breaks down the population living below $1 and $2 a day into graphs for six regions of the world. To view the graphs, click here.


Health, Poverty and Development

Tables and Charts on Health Poverty and Development

This page provides maps and data on health, poverty and development.

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