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Tables and Charts on Foreign Direct Investment


Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Outflows in the Developing and the Developed World 1970 - 2006

These tables and charts show foreign direct investment inflows and outflows. World-wide foreign direct investment peaked sharply in 1999, and then began to fall between 1999 and 2003. But since 2003 it has been increasing exponentially. The vast majority of foreign direct investment flows between rich countries.

Foreign Direct Investment as Percentage of Gross World Product 1970 - 2005

This table and graph show foreign direct investment as a percentage of a real gross world product.

Foreign Direct Investment inflows 2004 - 2006

This table shows FDI inflows by host region and major host economy.

World Investment Report by UNCTAD

FDI from Developing to Transition economies: Implications for Development.

Changes in Investment Regulations 1991 - 2001

This table and graph show changes "more favorable" and "less favorable" to investment.


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