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Transnational Corporations

General Data on TNCs | Mergers and Acquisitions
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General Data on TNCs


  • The World's 100 Largest Corporations
    These tables show Fortune Magazine's annual rankings of the world's biggest corporations. The table ranks corporations in terms of their revenue in $millions. In 2008, for the second consecutive year, Wal-Mart ranked No. 1 with nearly $379 billion in revenue. Wal-Mart was also the highest employer. Other rankings show that ExxonMobil was the most profitable and Tata Steel (an Indian company) had the highest growth with a 353 percent increase in revenues from 2006.


  • Comparison of the World's 25 Largest Corporations with the GDP of Selected Countries



    Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Value of Mergers and Acquisitions by Industry
    Table and Graph 1988 - 2004


  • Sales and Purchases of Mergers & Acquisitions by Region: 1987-2004
    Value in US$ Million and Number of Deals



    Financial Offshore Centers


  • International Banking Activities in Offshore Centers (2003-2005)



    Export Processing Zones


  • Type of Export Processing Zones by Country, 2006



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