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Type of Export Processing Zones by Country, 2006


World Economic Processing Zones Association


(created by Tobias Schiedermair, May 2006)


* Wide area: Large zones with a resident population such as the Chinese Special Economic Zones or new cities.

** Small area: Zones that are generally smaller than 1000 Ha. normally surrounded by a fence. Investors must locate within the zone to receive benefits. No resident population, although they may contain worker dormitories.

*** Industry Specific: Zones that are created to support the needs of a specific industry such as banking, jewelry, oil and gas, electronics, textiles, tourism, etc. Companies invested in the zone may be located anywhere and receive benefits. Examples include India's Jewelry Zones, or many offshore banking zones.

**** Performance Specific: Zones that admit only investors that meet certain performance criteria such as degree of exports, level of technology, size of investment, etc. Companies can be located anywhere. Examples include India's export oriented factories, the Mexico Maquila program, or a research park.


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