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European Parliament Supports Move to Tax Aircraft Fuel (December 13, 2000)

Both the European Commission and the European Parliament have now said that aviation fuel should be taxed. Now, says the EP, it's up to the Commission to push for the lifting of aviation fuel's exemption from taxes. (European Report)

Pay Air Fuel Tax Appeal; Passengers Asked to Fund Clean-Up (May 20, 2000)

The Birmingham Chapter of Friends of the Earth claims that airlines should pay fuel taxes as compensation for any environmental degradation caused by emissions. (Midland Independent Newspaper)

Brown Set To Back Worldwide Air Fuel Tax (March 10, 2000)

Chancellor Gordon Brown will most likely endorse an EU proposal which would give EU governments the "option to apply an energy tax on air travel for the first time." (Press Association)


Aviation Climate Effect "Could Grow Four-Fold" (June 3, 1999)

ENDS Daily article on the findings of the effects of aviation fuel on climate change prompting the need for control mechanisms in the industry such as an aviation fuel tax.

EU Air Fuel Tax "Would Harm Industry" (May 18, 1999)

ENDS Daily article on the findings that a unilateral aviation fuel tax will have unacceptable competitive disadvantages for the EU, so they are likely to look for an alternative.

G8 Finance Ministers Agree to Drop Their Opposition to an Air Fuel Tax
(March 28, 1999)

The results of their meeting will be submitted to the G8 summit in Cologne in June.


Industrial Countries Agree To Cut Pollution-Causing Subsidies (April 3,1998)

The OECD countries agree to remove harmful subsidies, but still no agreement on aviation fuel tax.

"No Obstacles" to EU Aviation Pollution Charge (March 23, 1998)

The EU aviation industry's global competitiveness is not an issue, according to the European Commission.


NGOs Claim Success for Aviation Action Day (December 8, 1997)
International protests are held against the environmental impact of air traffic.

European Aviation Action Day Takes Off (December 5, 1997)

Pan-European Transport Principles Agreed (November 13, 1997)

NGOs Criticise Pan-European Transport Plan (November 11, 1997)

Germany, Sweden Mull Aircraft Emissions Taxes (September 19, 1997)

Problems of Earth Summit II -- Two Articles (June 23 & 30 1997)

The EU's aviation tax proposal falls on deaf ears at the G8 and Earth Summit II meetings.

EU Seeks Tax on Aircraft Pollution (June 22, 1997)

European Transport Declaration Emerges (March 27, 1997)

Ministers Support Fuel-Tax Change (March 26, 1997)

Aviation Fuel Tax Threatens Cheap Flights (March 16, 1997)

EU Could Tax Aircraft Fuel Unilaterally (March 12, 1997)

The Dutch transport minister not convinced that aviation charges can only be implemented globally.

Carbon Charges on Aviation Fuels (March 1997)

OECD Report Suggests Need for Charge on Aviation Fuel (January 30, 1997)



Draft Proposal for an International Airline Levy to Support Health (November 1996)
Circulated by the National Council for International Health, a Washington-based organization.


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