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UN Press Release (GA/9538)
December 17, 1998

On 17 December 1998, the UN General Assembly adopted a Canadian-sponsored draft decision concerning the role of NGOs, based on an earlier Draft Text. Strengthening United Nations System

The Assembly had before it a draft decision entitled "Non-Governmental Organizations" (A/53/L.68), by the terms of which it would request the Secretary-General to seek the view of Member States, members of the specialized agencies, observers and intergovernmental organizations, as well as the views of non-governmental organizations from all regions on his report, contained in document A/53/170, and to submit a further report at the fifty- fourth session of the Assembly, taking into account the submissions received. It would also decide to continue its consideration of the question at its fifty-fourth session.

Introducing the draft decision on non-governmental organizations (A/53/L.68), Ms. MCVEY (Canada) said the Secretary-General had prepared a report on the arrangements and the details of the participation of non- governmental organizations in all activities of the United Nations, which formed a good basis for the consideration of that issue. Her delegation had conducted consultations with Member States on the matter, and it was agreed that a follow-up report should be presented at the fifty-fourth session of the Assembly, so that consideration of concrete cooperation on the issue could be taken up. She thanked all who had taken part in the consultations and hoped the decision would be adopted by consensus. The Assembly then adopted, without a vote, the draft decision on non- governmental organizations.

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