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Earlier Instabilities

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While the world economic crisis began in December 2007, warning signs appeared much earlier. A commodity boom and unsustainable housing bubbles grew in the years before the recession, while developed and developing nations saw rising inflation. Many point to the deregulation and risky practices of the financial sector as a prominent cause of the recession, as reckless lending by financial institutions and securitization of real estate mortgages created an unstable and unsustainable financial climate. Some experts correctly warned about what they viewed as an inevitable crash.

US Trade and Budget Deficits, and Global Imbalances

This page posts information on the US trade and budget deficits and global imbalances.

Corporate Crisis and Corporate Malfeasance

This page provides articles and other information on accounting scams, insider trading schemes, and widespread corporate malfeasance.

Perpetual Crisis: A Timeline of 40 Years of Economic Instability

This page provides a timeline that shows a forty year record of disequilibria, meltdowns, panics and other forms of crises, beginning in 1970. 

Tables and Charts on US Trade and Budget Deficits, and the Fall of the Dollar

This page provides numbers and graphs on the current state of the US economy.



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