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NGO Working Group on Food & Hunger

The NGO Working Group on Food & Hunger was founded in December 2008 to coordinate NGO advocacy at the United Nations in New York on issues of hunger, malnutrition, agriculture, food production, and related matters.  Spurred by the food crisis of 2008, the Working Group was founded to promote better understanding and more effective action on these issues at UN headquarters. Until May 2013, Global Policy Forum served as the convener. Click here to learn more about the goals and strategy of GPF's food and hunger program.

The Working Group brings together a number of active members with NGO participants in New York, as well as corresponding participants from other worldwide locations.  The Working Group maintains close contact with civil society work at the Committee on Food Security in Rome.  The Working Group published a major Policy Statement, addressed to the UN General Assembly, in September 2011.

The Working Group organizes regular Events & Meetings including public events, advocacy meetings with delegations and UN officials, and meetings for policy coordination.   In recent years, the Working Group has organized or actively participated in about forty events during the course of the year.

This subsection is no longer being updated. A new internet presence of the Working Group will shortly be established.

Policy Statement 2012

Statement to the General Assembly 2011

Events & Meetings

                Working_Group_members_meet_in_the_GPF_conference_room         IMG_5522edtited         SC_meetings_090 
                    Meeting of Working Group members            Meeting with Ambassador Brian Bowler           Policy Luncheon with Olivier de Schutter,
                                                                                                  of Malawi                                      UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food


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