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General Links

Non-papers on UN Reform

The Mission of Mexico to the UN provides links to 14 "non-papers" produced by the Group of Friends for UN Reform. These documents contain proposals which cover a broad range of UN reform topics and were submitted to the Secretary General for consideration in March 2005.

This website by the World Federalist Movement provides information about UN reform initiatives, including Member States' positions, and reactions from parliamentarians and civil society groups.

UN Reform Site at the UN

Links to information on official reform proposals, including proposals by the Secretary General and intergovernmental proposals.

Center for UN Reform Education

This non-profit research organization works to encourage a public discussion on United Nations reform by publishing and distributing papers and organizing public forums and conferences.

Human Rights Council - Human Rights Council

Amnesty International's Guide to the Human Rights Council Candidates

Amnesty International's site contains information on the human rights records of all candidates standing for election to the new Human Rights Council.

Human Rights Watch: Human Rights Council Elections

Human Rights Watch's site contains the pledges, details which human rights treaties states have ratified, General Assembly voting records and more of candidates to the Human Rights Council.

Asian Forum for Human Rights

This page monitors Asian governments' candidacy to the new Human Rights Council. The campaign monitors and asesses the Asian candidate's suitability as potentional members of the Human Rights Council. It includes current actions and campaigns by civil society actors, anaylses candidate's pledges, details Asian candidates' cooperation with UN human rights mechanisms and more.

Peacebuilding Commission

United Nations Peacebuilding Commission - Peacebuilding Commission

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

WILPF has put together a document entitled "References made during the 60th Session of the UN General Assembly to the Peace Building Commission."

Management Reform

UN links


UN Secretary General - Official Page

UN's official page on the Secretary General's office, activities and statements.

Secretary General's Statements & Messages

UN Search engine for Press Releases of the Secretary General from 1995.

UN Secretary General: a Bibliography (October 1996)

UN Dag Hammarskjold Library site concerning the office and powers of the Secretary General.

UN Page on Former Secretaries General


Other links - Management and Secretariat Reform, maintained by the World Federalist Movement, campaigns for a more democratic selection process and provides articles, news and information on current candidates. provides news and commentary on the selection process of the next United Nations Secretary General, including information on potential candidates.

Center for UN Reform Education - Secretary General Selection 2006

This page by the Center for UN Reform Education provides information and news about the UN Secretary General selection.

Online NewsHour Focus on Kofi Annan (1999)

NGOs and the UN

NGOs and UN Conferences

Link to reference document on the participation of civil society in United Nations conferences and special sessions of the General Assembly during the 1990s (Version 1 August 2001)

UN/Civil Society

Link to UN Website : "Partners in Civil Society"


The NGO Section of the Department of Public Information (DPI) at UN Headquarters serves as the liaison between the UN and NGO associated with DPI.


UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) section on NGOs offers information on how to obtain status and how to get a pass to the UN. There is also a link to the ECOSOC Committee on NGOs, responsible for accreditation and suspension of NGOs.


The United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS) is a small inter-agency programme established in 1975 to strengthen UN-NGO dialogue and cooperation, particularly in the fields of development education, information and policy advocacy on global sustainable development.


The Conference of Nongovernmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. This is an independent, international and not-for-profit membership association of nongovernmental organizations that facilitates the participation of NGOs in United Nations debates and decisions.

The NGOs Network

A web site with information and recent developments regarding the NGO access debate to the UN.

UN and Business

The Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN

The Alliance is a global network of human rights, environmental and development groups working to address undue corporate influence in the United Nations, and to support UN initiatives to hold corporations accountable on issues of human rights, labor rights and the environment. The page provides news updates and reports.

UN Reform Bibliography

Canada Bibliography

This list by Chris Spencer. Posted by UNA-Canada looks at broad global issues as well as UN institutional machinery. Regularly updated.

GPF Bibliography

A select list that includes a list of major UN reform reports from 1969 to the present.


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