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UN Reform Topics

UN Reform debates have revealed deep divides between states and among NGOs and other reform advocates. While some seek to strengthen the UN and improve accountability and efficiency, there are those who seek reform only on their terms. The US consistently pushes its own agenda for change and aims to weaken the UN. This page follows the debate that surrounds the various reform topics and subsequent developments.

General Analysis on UN Reform

This section posts articles and papers that provide a general analysis and overview of UN reform.

Reform of the Security Council

This page looks at the ongoing Security Council reform debate and includes many reform proposals and documents.

Reform of the General Assembly

This page posts articles, documents and other information on General Assembly reform.

Management and Secretary General Reform

This page covers the debate on management and Secretary General reform, including information on US "housecleaning" at the UN.

Human Rights Council

This page contains articles and documents that address the Human Rights Council, which replaced the Human Rights Commission in 2006.

Reform of ECOSOC and other Social Economic Policy at the UN

This page looks at the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and proposals to strengthen it.

The Peacebuilding Commission

This page covers the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC), set up in October 2006 to coordinate action to prevent the recurrence of conflicts.


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