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Gender and Inequality


This page looks at the difficulties women face in a changing global economy. Globilization has recast gender relations and altered the status and life condition of women. More women work outside the home in the wage labor force. While this has undermined traditional patriarchy, it has burdened women with a double load of work, exposed them to harshly exploitative conditions in the paid work place, and scarcely improved their material well-being. Women have suffered disproportionately from globilization, while seeing few of its benefits. These materials look not only at women's inequality and oppression, but also at how women worldwide are mobilizing to improve their condition and fight for a more just world order for themselves and their children.

Picture Credit: UNIFEM

General Analysis on Gender and Inequality

This page provides articles, documents and other information on gender and inequality.

Tables and Charts

This page provides tables and charts on gender and inequality.



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