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Tables and Charts on Gender and Inequality

Women Representation in the UN Organizations
A 2008 report of Secretary General on the Improvement of the Status of Women in the United Nations Systemraises concerns about the unequal gender division and the slow growth towards a 50/50 gender balance in the organization. These table and graph reveal the gender imbalance both in terms of the number of employees in the UN agencies and funds and the level of employment in UN organizations.

Table and graph on Gender Distribution in the Professional and Higher Staff Categories in UN Organizations

Women Representation in the UN Secretariat
The statistical trends presented here show the representation of women in the Professional and higher categories for UN Secretariat staff with appointments of one year or more. They illustrate the challenges in achieving the 50/50 gender balance goal in the UN Secretariat.
Table and Graph on June 1998 - June 2008

Representation of Women in National Parliaments
Worldwide, the representation of women in single or lower chambers of national parliaments has increased by 50% since 1995. Africa and Latin America show promising results while women in Asia and Oceania remain poorly represented. However, men still hold the vast majority of parliamentary seats in most countries.
Tables and Graph 1995 - 2004



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