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Transnational Corporations

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Transnational Corporations exert a great deal of power in the globalized world economy. Many corporations are richer and more powerful than the states that seek to regulate them. Through mergers and acquisitions corporations have been growing very rapidly and some of the largest TNCs now have annual profits exceeding the GDPs of many low and medium income countries. This page explores how TNCs dominate the global economy and exert their influence over global policymaking.

General Analysis on Transnational Corporations

This page provides articles, documents, reports and general information on transnational corporations and their role in the global economy.

Worldwide Mergers and Acquisitions

This page looks at the trend of corporate mergers and acquisitions.

UN and Business

This page tracks partnership initiatives between various UN agencies and transnational corporations, including the "Global Compact."

Tax Havens

This page looks at offshore tax havens that enable rich citizens and corporations to escape national tax systems.

The World Economic Forums in Davos

This page follows the debates and proceedings of the yearly World Economic Forums in Davos, Switzerland.

Export Processing Zones

This page posts articles, papers and other information on export processing zones and maquiladoras.

Corporate Crisis and Corporate Malfeasance

This page posts articles and documents on accounting scams, insider trading schemes, and corporate malfeasance.

NGOs and Businesses

This page posts articles on the relationship between NGOs and Businesses.

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