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Archived Articles on General Analysis on the World Financial and Economic Crisis



Solution to the Global Financial Crisis: A Marsh for Creditors and Speculators (1999)

Paper by Michael Chossudovsky including analysis of how currency speculation creates financial crises. See the section titled "Freezing Speculative Transactions".


Globalization of the World Economy: Financial Globalization (November 14, 1998)

James Tobin's speech on the global economy at the Autumn Meeting of the American Philosophical Society.

The Gathering World Slump and the Battle Over Capital Controls (September/October 1998)

Essay from the New Left Review on the failure of neoliberal orthodoxy to deal with the Asian slump, and the need for "prudential capital regulations".

Financial Crises Could Stall Capitalism's Global March (September 4, 1998)

Article about the question if the financial crises will affect the capitalist system.

Krugman Calls on Asian Countries to Impose Foreign Exchange Controls (August 30, 1998)

Martin Khor on a new proposal for Asian countries to escape the economic crisis.
This is a rare, honest and harsh look in the New York Times at the utter confusion of the IMF and its partners in dealing with the ongoing Asian economic crisis.

Asia: IMF Should Rethink Policy (June 29, 1998)

Martin Khor is presenting new measures to help Asian countries.

IMF and US Response to the Asian Financial Crisis (April 1998)

An article by Tom Shurrock from Foreign Policy In Focus addressing US foreign policy concerning the IMF and the Asian financial crisis.
An article by Martin Feldstein, professor of economics at Harvard from Foreign Affairs (March/April 1998), criticizing the IMF's draconian restructuring demands for struggling Asian economies.


The Tobin Tax and Exchange Rate Stability (June 1996)

Paul Bernd Spahn, a German economist, discusses the effects of a currency exchange tax. He favors a two-tiered tax, the major part of which would be triggered only during times of high exchange rate fluctuation. Although written in 1996, his proposal still carries a certain weight with campaigners for global taxes. (World Bank Finance & Development)


A Proposal for Monetary Reform (July/October 1978)

One of James Tobin's original proposals for a currency exchange tax! Since then, of course, the debate has evolved somewhat; furthermore, Tobin's paper has to be seen against its historical background. Nevertheless, there is a reason why we call it a "Tobin tax" and this paper shows it clearly. (Eastern Economic Journal)

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