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Political Issues in Iraq

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Multinational Force Mandate Renewal

This page looks at the political and legal issues surrounding the renewal of the UN mandate for the multinational force in Iraq (MNF). It considers the implications of the MNF renewal on the reconciliation process in Iraq and the political crisis between the nationalists who control parliament and the separatists who control the Cabinet.

UN Role in Iraq

This section also explores the dilemma of the UN's role in occupied Iraq and whether the UN should take on greater responsibilities in Iraq if the US decides to draw down its troops.

Iraq's Government

This page follows developments in the political process in Iraq since the US-led invasion.

Leaders and Occupiers in Iraq

This section provides a summary of the major leaders and occupiers in Iraq's government, including the executive and legislative branches. It also details key social and religious figures in Iraq, such as tribal leaders and leaders of the trade unions. It also sets out US State Department leaders.


This section explores the many aspects of a US military pull-out from Iraq, including Washington's refusal to set a timetable or criteria for withdrawal, and arguments for ending the occupation.
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Oil in Iraq

Iraq has the world's second largest proven oil reserves. Oil industry observers predict a gold-rush of profits for the Anglo-American oil giants in the post Saddam setting. This section considers how oil has driven the US-UK plan for war, how it shapes the occupation, and how it has affected the modern history of Iraq.

Corporate Contracts

US occupation authorities have assumed control of the reconstruction process and awarded lucrative contracts to US firms with direct links to the White House. Washington has also retaliated against countries opposing the war by excluding their firms from major reconstruction contracts. Scandals and investigations in Washington have revealed some of the sordid details.

Important Documents on Iraq

This page provides first-hand documents, including UN draft resolutions and reports, as well as government papers.

International Law Aspects of the Iraq War and Occupation

This sections discuss the illegality of the 2003 war and subsequent occupation. It also looks at the violations of international law in Iraq and the question of immunity of the occupiers.

Justifications for War: WMDs and Other Issues

The US and UK government fabricated information to justify their military strike on Iraq. US congressional and UK parliamentary investigations look into the false information circulated by the Bush and Blair governments, especially concerning weapons of mass destruction. This section covers the controversies and changing reasons put forward in Washington and London to justify the war.

Media Coverage of Iraq

This section looks at mass media coverage of the Iraq war and occupation, especially how the big US-based media companies fed the public sensational, pro-war news reports.

Permanent Bases

This page provides information about the US building very large, expensive, self-sufficient and long-lasting military bases in Iraq as well as an enormous new embassy complex in Baghdad.
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This page looks at how US and UK occupation tactics have emphasized the divisions between Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq.

Statements Against the War and Occupation of Iraq

This page collects public statements prominent figures and leaders have made against the war and occupation in Iraq.

Iraq Elections

This page details the Iraq elections in 2010.

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