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Alternative Financing for the UN


Dues from member states have supported the United Nations since its founding. But increasingly in recent years, states have failed to pay. At the same time, states have been contributing less to UN voluntary agencies and multilateral aid programs. All across the board, the funding system based on nation states has been unraveling, due in part to declining national finances under neoliberal reforms. This section of the website provides information about alternative sources of funding for the UN and other global institutions, as well as the related subject of international taxation. Since 1994, discussions on this subject have drawn increasing interest and support, although the obstinacy of the US has blocked all discussion in inter-governmental fora.

General Analysis on Alternative Financing for the UN

This section discusses the need for alternative financing sources for the UN and looks at specific proposals, including a global lottery and an international financing facility.

Global Taxes

Many experts have suggested alternative financing schemes such as global taxes to improve the UN financial situation and make the organization less dependent on state contributions. This page explores global taxes and their dual role as policy instruments and as revenue sources for international programs and institutions. The page gives special attention to currency transaction taxes (Tobin tax) and energy taxes.

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