Global Policy Forum

General Analysis on Alternative Financing for the UN


Alternative Financing for Global Peace & Development (September 1997)

This paper summarizes the main issues and trends in the worldwide debate on alternative financing for the UN. (Global Policy Forum)

Alternative Financing for the United Nations: An Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come? (December 1995)

This essay by James P. Walker begins with a detailed survey of alternative financing proposals that have been articulated as a means out of the UN's financial crisis and goes on to evaluate the feasability of each. It concludes with recommendations from a Canadian perspective.

$50bn Aid Plan Unveiled (January 23, 2003)

The UN, World Bank and IMF are interested in a UK plan that aims to achieve the Millennium Declaration's Development Goals by doubling worldwide aid funding. The plan binds developed nations to long term commitments, providing "the predictability essential for effective aid." (BBC)

ECOSOC Debate (July 24, 1997)

Excerpt summary of debate on "New and Innovative Ideas for Generating Funds" demonstrates the unhappiness at many member states over the report of the Secretary General.

Statement to ECOSOC on New and Innovative Ideas for Generating Funds (July 24, 1997)

Full Statement by ISMUN with which the Global Policy Forum was associated.


Statement by the US Government Accounting Office on the Legal Authority of the UN to Implement Revenue-Raising Options (November 8, 1996)

Typical of US obstructionist policy, this statement categorically rejects the authority of the UN to raise involuntary revenues without a Charter amendment, whilst simultaneously clarifying that the US will veto any such amendment.


New and Innovative Ideas for Generating Funds (July 26, 1996)

Document of the Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development containing Resolution 1996/48 of the 52nd plenary meeting.


ECOSOC Debate (July 11, 1996)

Summary of debate on "New and Innovative Ideas for Generating Funds" that gives the flavor of the intergovernmental differences on this issue.

Statement on Innovative Funding (July 11, 1996)

Full Statement by James Paul to ECOSOC.

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