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NGOs and Social & Economic Justice

In recent years, protesters have turned out in force at almost every major international forum or summit, especially the G7/G8 meetings and the meetings of the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO. Activist groups have mobilized large numbers to oppose business-driven globalization, war and undemocratic decision making, and to press for global peace and justice. In this struggle, groups such as NGOs and trade unions, who traditionally did not share a common agendas, came together to work towards common goals.

General Analysis NGOs and Social & Economic Justice

This section posts articles and reports analyzing the social and economic justice movement and its methods.


This section covers protests surrounding meetings of the G7/G8, the Bretton Woods Institutions and the WTO.

Trade Unions and Social Economic Justice

This page provides information on the relationship between NGOs and Trade Unions and the way they collaborate.



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